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Feedback from delegates

The following are some of the anonymous comments of delegates who have attended our workshops over the years:

Comments from the last workshop on 23rd-25th March 2011

Very useful course for all levels in training. I have done this course before in 2006 but came back to do it again this year as it is the best course available with lots of hands on sessions and useful tips. In fact, I am very disappointed that these courses will not be available in the future.

I find this workshop extremely useful and practical. It is one of the best workshops that I've attended so far. It is a pity that this is the last workshop.

Would recommend this course to my colleagues as good theoretical tips and plenty of "on hands" experience.

Comments from earlier workshops

"It was a lovely, informative workshop."

"Very friendly team. Thank you very much."

"I think the workshop very practical and useful".

"Everyone should have the opportunity to attending this course. It is invaluable!"

"Excellent course. Truly "hands on" and staff very supportive. Very goood organization."

"Very good course. I will gladly recommend to my colleagues."

"Very good and well organised course. Friendly lectures."

"Highly recomment to anyone. Best hands-on course so far to me. Thanks a lot."

"I recommend teh course even for unexperienced doctors."

"Hands-on experience makes lot of difference."

"Above expectations."

"Recommend the course to others."

"Very well organised course. Wonderful skills sessions. Very nice and friendly atmosphere."

"An excellent course. Thank you. Keep going to the thousands of courses."

"An excellent course."

"Excellent course. It is unbelievable that in this day and age hands on training is available."

"Very well done, well organised. Thanks for all the hard work."

"Everything was perfect. Loved your team."

"Very useful course."

"Excellent course."

"A wonderful experience. Shall try to maintain the skill learnt."

"Excellent course."

"Extremely useful and enjoyable. Definitely would recommend it."

"Very useful. Very much hands on. Would recommend to other trainees too."

"Very interesting & excellent course & my friends are definitely going to come as we did."

"Very well organised, excellent hands on experience."

"The workshop proved to be the best point of my visit to the UK and I will recommend if for years to come!"

"Excellent hands on course."

"Overall, this is an excellent course. We enjoyed it together with the vast things we have learnt."


"Very good course."

"Very good assistants of Mr. Magos. I'd like to attend other courses of yours."

"An excellent course, ideal for my training at this stage .... Superb hands-on tips. Mr. Magos showed extraordinary patientce to teach with very friendly and nice assistants."

"Very useful and informative workshop."

"The practical aspects of this course are second to none. It is one of the best courses I have ever attended."

"Good course. Relaxed atmosphere. Course organisers ready and happy to teach. In fact, more teachers than delegates."

"The best course I have been to."

"Excellent course."

"Excellent for beginners for laparoscopy. Very hard working team. Thank you very much."

"Excellent course."

"Very good course. Will recommend it to anybody requiring good training."

"This is the best workshop I have attended & learnt so many things in one day."

"A very worthwhile course. I would highly recommend it."

"Very good course."

"The course is very useful in giving the basic understanding of all diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures."

"Very well organised. Would recommend it to friends."

"The course was brilliant. I can't wait to use the techniques I learned in practice."

"Excellent course. Would recommend everyone to attend."

"Thank you very much for a most enjoyable and worthwhile course . It was extremely welll organised and well worth the expense involved from my point of view. I only wish I had actually attended the course earlier in my career!"

"One of the best study days I have attended."

"Excellent course. Thank you."

"Very good."

"It has been a good course. I should now be more confident with operative laparoscopy."

"Excellent theoretical and practical course."

"Much better than I expected. Really enjoyed. Very helpful people and teachers."


"Very worthwhile study day."

"Very informative. Broaden knowledge and skills."

"The lectures were very good espcially skill session with models. Thank you to all staff involved."

"Excellent day. Thank you!"

"Very useful."

"Excellent course."

"Very good course. Very friendly atmosphere."

"It is a good course because it concentrated on the practical points of the subject rather than theory. Thank you."

"Excellent course. Very practical. One of the best I have been to."

"Great course."

"Very good. Course worth it."

"Excellent course. Many thanks."

"Excellent hands on workshop. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to do training in gynaecological endoscopic surgery. I think if the course could be extended to 5 days, it would be better. Thank you for all the arrangement."

"Excellent workshop."

"Very good course. Nice dinner."


"Excellent course. Well organised."


"It's a joy to learn from such an enthusiastic team!"

"Great course. Lots of hands on."

"Well organised, very useful course. As a beginner, I got lots of confidence. Looking forward to attend a more advanced laparoscopic course soon."

"Very enjoyable."

"Very good."

"Excellent course. Thanks. May be more emphasis on intracorporeal suturing."


"I've learnt a lot. Thank you."

"An excellent course which I would recommend to colleagues."

"First class experience."

"Everything was excellent. Everybody was friendly."

"Very well organised course. Balance between lectures and practicals just right."

"Extremely beneficial course for me to vastly improve my endoscopic techniques."

"A very helpful, constructive day. I learnt a lot today. Skills session and live operating was excellent."

"An excellent course, very informative and explained well. People all very friendly and helpful."

"Very good, well planned course. Skills and live sessions were very enjoyable."

"Skill session very good and enlightening."

"Very illuminating. Excellent live session. Wish I had opportunity to attend before."

"Thoroughly enjoyed course. Thanks very much. I really need to practice what I have learned."

"Excellent course - especially outpatient hysteroscopy which demonstrates the practicality of the technique so well."


"A very good hands on course."

"Excellent and very beneficial workshop. I wish if I had started these skills 10-15 years earlier."

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